Mithril Army, a battle on the blockchain

About Mithril Army

Did you ever look at a market candle chart and see a battle taking place? Red VS Green, Good VS Evil, Profit VS Loss. It might seem like a silly idea but it is hard to argue that there is not a conflict of sorts going on there.

It was when the Mithril cryptocurrency was minted on the Binance Smart Chain that the idea really struck...what if we had an account explorer that showed this battle? What if it was a game? With this Mithril Army was born...

Inspired by older style browser games and armed with some decent web development skills, it wasn't long before a prototype was pushed out. Where this journey leads will be up to you. As long as you have a wallet with Mithril in it you will have a character on Mithril Army and it will have its own story. Will it be one of conquest? Glory or Defeat? It remains to be seen.

Mithril Army is to be an account explorer which gives an interesting narrative to market data.


What is Mithril & How do I play?

Mithril is a long sought after resource in the world of Mithril Army. It is the maker of kings, tyrants and heroes but also always sought after by the horde of paper hands who resent it's worth and value because they do not possess it.
Mithril is a crypto currency created on the 'Binance Smart Chain'. Anyone with an account that holds Mithril can participate in the game.
Have a look at the rules and how to play sections of the website.

How do I get Mithril?

The process to buying crypto currency can be quite intimidating and difficult depending on where you are located. Decentralised currencies should be easy to get for everyone but we are a while away from that. If you want to buy some mithril you can follow this handy guide here.

Buying Mithril is a financial purchase and should be considered as such. Mithril Army is not the creator of the Mithril Crypto currency and has no control over the currency, its price or your wallet. Please consider your financial position before investing in any crypto currency and do not invest what you cannot afford to lose!