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Development progress, updates & rants

Season Ø Signup

The long awaited signup is finally out! All users who sign up before the season starts will get the 'Early Bird' achievement which will grant the unique title 'The Swift'.

To signup just click on 'connect' in the navbar and login with metamask (or any other web3 wallet provider).
To have an account you have to have at least one Mithril in your wallet. Wallets are scanned in 15min increments so you may have to wait till the next scan.

Once you are signed in you will be able to set your race (note you can only do this once, then it is set for the rest of the season. After that you can set your name and any titles you have unlocked.

When the season starts all races will be given an item that will give an effect in the battle block, these items will drop on death. This also brings us to the main point....

Season Ø when?

With the API issue mostly sorted development is well under way for the season. It will still start in December but will most likely be in just over a week or so as I work out some of the nitty gritty.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am to have the season start and see how it all goes.

As always it is worth reminding everyone that this is a 'Minimum Viable Product', I have a tonne of ideas of what I would like to do but I have kept the scope minimum so that I could push something to market with just over a month of work. There will most likely be bugs, issues and other fun exciting things for me to stress about while the season is on. Can't wait. Still even in stating that will be a barrage of people telling me "Why doesn't this have 'feature from game that has been in development for years'?" It is just how it goes.

In the mean time I am working on the white paper which I intend to release early next week so people can see what its all about and how it works. Hopefully it answers some nagging questions people have been having.

Information Launch

I have updated the website with a tonne more information about the upcoming season Ø. There is still a lot of work to go but the progress has been good, either way I hope people appreciate a bit more information at least.

Season Ø

This is going to be a season to express the ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP) of Mithril Army. The point of an MVP is to get a product to market as fast as possible without too many extra bells and whistles. This means that it isn’t as feature or functionally complete as it could be but it is really useful for answering a lot of questions, like…

  • Is the concept sound and does it work?
  • Will this concept be well received by the community?
  • Are there any balancing issue or exploits that would make it less fun?
  • Is this worth developing further into a full feature scope?
  • What other features does it need?
  • ..And so on

These questions cannot be easily answered until the concept has been created and put out there. It doesn't help that I haven't seen anything like this before either so I am throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. For anyone who has worked on scoping and development they would know this is not an easy task, however it is also a lot of fun, so there is that!

The idea is simple, visualize market movements as something more ‘fantasy battle’ like. The challenge was to find a way to scrape the data as well as convert it into a provably fair type of system for kills and drops. I am happy with the scope and code on this though I have run into a couple curveballs. Currently the API I am using for account sniffing is not showing balances correctly with reflections, originally, I thought this would be fine as I didn’t want reflections to account for battle participation, however the balances it is returning are just way too far off for my liking (check outs and distribution if you see what I mean). So the challenge next week will be to get it to a new API, fortunately members of the Mithril development team are working on a solution for this and it looks like they have something solid.

The next lot of work will be making sure achievements and items work as intended, with their own code and unit tests. Otherwise as far as battle blocks and kill rolling go that is all finished and I am quite happy with it, so most of the ‘hard’ work is done. I have also finished the web3 wallet sign in, though that is not live yet because of the API issue above (otherwise it would have been up with this info launch).

I will be spending the next 2 weeks getting through these last few pinch points and then I should be able to announce a launch date for season Ø! I am hoping for a launch before Dec 12th but we will see how I go, don’t want to promise dates and burn out.

There are a tonne of other features that I would have like to have put in, as well as were suggested but given the MVP approach I don’t want to end up in scope bloat and not release anything, especially with some many questions season Ø will be answering. After the season is run I will collect all of the data and then can make some big changes to the product to build something more refined and closer to what the community feedback gives.

Anyways that is my update for now, I know a lot of people are eager to see it all in action (as am I) however I have to push through this work before I can launch anything, I hope I don’t run in to any other curve balls along the way so I can get to launch date smoothly. Either way that is all for now, will be releasing whitepaper and account sign in so people can get in and name their characters before season Ø starts (and get a special achievement for doing so).