BSC Mithril

A Binance Smart Chain token with a fantasy based community


What is Mithril?

Mithril is a Binance Smart Chain token that was created to engage content creators and developers to build fantasy based app, dapps and other content in a decentralised way. We chose to use this token specifically for its fantasy roots and community. We did not create the token, nor have control over it.

Like other tokens Mithril has reflections and a burn wallet, 2% from every transaction is put into reflections for other Mithril holders and the other 2% goes into the liquidity pool. It also is sitting at 34% burned and because of the reflections will slowly burn over time.

34% burned. 66% Gradually Destroyed.

This is a great feature of the token as it will deter people from transferring their balance between accounts to game the system. It also means that there is always less Mithril over time.

You can learn more about Mithril and how to buy it on the token's website