Privcy Policy

Your Data & Privacy

Contrary to popular meta we actually take privacy pretty seriously

Mithril Army Data Privacy

This privacy policy sets out how Mithril Army treats the privacy, data and other information of its visitors and account holders.

Cookies & Tracking

We will not use facebook pixel, google analytics or any other kind of tracking that will track you outside of this website.

With exception of session data there are no cookies that will tack your usage.

Personal Data

While your wallet signature is used to sign in it is not saved to our database.

We will not ask for any personal or identifying data.

We encourage users to not put personal data in their character's names or other data fields.

If you lose access to your wallet we will not be able to remove any data sent to us as there will be no way to confirm that you owned the wallet.


With the exception of answering support request (currenly in the mithrilverse discord only) we will not contact you. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be Mithril Army they are most likely illegitimate and intend to take something from you

Make sure to practice caution whenever requested for wallet seeds, secrets or other data. Your wallet is your own responsibility.

Signature Request

Your wallet signature request message will always be "I have read and accept the terms and conditions ( of this app."

If you see a different signature request there is something compromised either on your machine or our server. Do not accept these requests.

The signature request message may change in the future to be even more secure, if so it will be updated on this page and most likely referred to in the blog.

Mithril Army will never request access to your wallet, the signature request is only a handshake to prove you are the owner. We do not need access to any other information.

Blockchain Data

As BSC blockchain data is public domain we are free to scrape ther data and use it as we see fit.

You do not own this data, it is a result of you using the blockchain and we will not remove it from our servers unless international law requires us to do so.

Do not give away personal information about your wallet, wallet address or transactions.

Be safe and be aware, there is always someone after the funds in your wallet.
Be critical of everything you are doing and everything asked of you (even on this website).

Privacy policy last updated on December 4th 2021