Many beings populate the world, some more powerful than others, all fighting over claim to land and resources.

Season Ø Races

Dragons    750,000+

Nobody likes them, everybody fears them. They are mighty beasts with too much power who take what they can. They have massive resilience to damage and attack with powers of their own. Falsely thought to be immortal they can be killed and as the battles of Marquet continues they may be convinced to risk their treasure for other gains. The secret to killing a dragon is looking for opportunity.


Wizards    500,000+

Known for wisdom and magical abilities wizards like to keep to themselves mostly. Hiding in their towers with their relics and treasure they only venture into the lands when they feel they can make a difference to the world. Some act in self interest, others are more altruistic. Some say that wizards were given their mithril by the creator of the world, others say they earned it. What we know for sure though is that they are not to be underestimated and they are hard to kill.


Elves    250,000+

The Elves keep mostly to themselves and do not like outsiders. Known for their agility and ability with archery they are quite fearsome in battle. Their arrows are tipped with Mithril and will pierce even the strongest of shields and armor. It is said that killing and elf curses you to a life of suffering. Though rare they are often seen on the fields of Marquet representing their enclave.


Dwarves    100,000+

Dwarves are very social creatures, though their smell would say otherwise. They will gather in large numbers for the pursuit of fortune, often mining out entire mountains of its precious resources. Though short in stature they are very strong in battle and wear armor made from some of the toughest materials you can find. If you are not prepared to fight one it might be worth considering at least out running it as their stamina is lacking.


Humans    10,000+

Humans are the most plentiful of the intelligent races, though lacking any magical ability in numbers they make up mighty armies. Their ability to work together far exceeded other races and they use this to their advantage, although talking to them it is a mystery how they do this. Mostly concerned with getting by humans will try to make it in battle and fight for hopes of spoils that will help them escape a life of servitude for their lords and kings.


Halflings    1,000+

Goblins, gnomes, lepricons, really anything smaller than an average dwarf gets thrown into the halfling pile. They are hard to spot and generally attack with small knives and dirks, it is best to keep your distance and be aware as one could pop up out of a small crevasse and ruin your day. They tend to stick to their own groups and go about their lives away from the other races who look down on them.


Animals    0+

From dire wolves to squirrels many animals inhabit the plains, though not very organized they will still attack if hungry enough. Animals tend to not have interest in fortune but the glint of mithril catches their attention, perhaps to build a nest or burrow to impress their pack.