Site progress and plans for the future


Below is a chart of our current progress on work done, goals and plans for upcoming features.

Nov 2021

Launch Site

Secure the domain, hosting and launch the website.

Finish Block Explorer

Build the account sniffer and make the accounts and distribution pages.

Release Season Ø Info

Release information about the gamification and prototype season.

Dec 2021

Open Season Ø Signup

Allow users to sign in and update their character for Season Ø.

Complete Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Complete the code work required to get to market and then run a season to get information on next steps for the product.

Launch Season Ø

This has been delayed till Jan

Begin the MVP season. Monitor progress and community feedback.

Q1 2022

Finish Season Ø

Finish the season, award winners.

Research Results

With the MVP built and season run we can crunch the data and community feedback to decide what features users want and don't want for the next build of the product.

Secure Funding

Secure funding for ongoing development of future seasons.

Q2 2022+

Expand Scope

With the season over and runway secured we can expand the scope of the project and move past the MVP stage, expanding the road map to an exciting new direction.

Integrate With The Mithrilverse

Integrate the project with other parts and realms of the extended Mithrilverse project.