How to play

Create a character and join the fight

Create a character

Characters are created automagically when you hold the Mithril token on the Binance Smart chain network. The chain is scanned every 15mins or so, after which your character is created.
Once character profiles are available you will be able to login with your wallet and update your names & title and see a dashboard of your stats.

What is Mithril?  How do I buy Mithril?

General Rules

  • Your race is determined by your highest Mithril holding for the season
  • If your Mithril holding drops below 20% of your highest holding your character dies
  • If your balance gets higher 20% after dying you will return as a ghost
  • If your balance reaches a new high your character will come back to life

Staying alive is important as only living characters will be eligible for airdrops, items, NFTs and other promotions

What are the races?

Fight on the blockchain

  • Every 15 mins the chain is scanned and a new battle block is made
  • Anyone who has a lower Mithril balance will take damage
  • Anyone with a higher Mithril balance will inflict a fair portion of that damage
  • If a character dies all of the damage dealers will be in a provably fair roll to decide who gets awarded the killing blow, weighted by buy amount
  • Killing blows will add to the kills leaderboard as well as granting you the items the character was carrying

How Battle System Works

Every red candle is an opportunity, Every green candle is a victory

Status Effect
Mithril Hands Never Sell Once During the Season
Diamond Hands End the season with 100% HP
Midas Hands End the season with 90% HP
Iron Hands End the season with 70% HP
Copper Hands End the season alive with less than 70% HP
Cardboard Hands End the season as a ghost
Paper Hands End the season with a character that is dead

Rewards for holding

  • The Mithril token pays in reflections. 2% of all trades and sells are given back to Mithril holders. A further 2% goes into the Liquidity pool.
  • Holding throughout a season will grant you a "hold" status that you can show off
  • At the end of a season your hold status will award you an achievement

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Will your character prevail over the horde of paper hands?


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