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Mithril Army Terms & Conditions

Your use of the service is governed by this agreement.

Fair Conduct

Mithril Army is intended to be run with 'fair conduct', meaning that the season is run in a fair and fun way that is enjoyable for users. Acting against this may be met with an account suspension.

The following may lead to an account suspension which will ban login and may forfeit rewards and stats:

  • Submitting data that is made for the purpose of offending other users of the app.
  • Purposefully using the functionality of the website in an exploitative way (I.E. not as intended) for your own gain.
  • Trying to hack the website, or alter the functionality in a way otherwise not intended.
  • Any other purpose which Mithril Army may deem bad conduct or in 'bad faith'.

If an account is suspended any items it holds will be hidden and access will be lost. Any Season gains will be forfeit.

Suspensions may extend to other Mithrilverse Apps, Realms or any other systems in the Mithrilverse.

If you are suspended and it is found you have another wallet that wallet will also be suspended

Mithril Army reserves the right to suspend or ban any account for its own reason without giving justification.

Play fair and play nice.

Items, kills and other stats or rewards

The battle block system is not guaranteed to act in the way described, it is also not immune to fault or error.

In the case of a mistake or fault the given results may be reverted or changed.

This is a prototype/MVP product, there will be bugs and errors, please be patient while we work it out and use the information to make the product a more enjoyable experience for everyone.


NFT's and other rewards will be given out at the end of the season when it is deemed necessary and their functionality works with the rest of the MithrilVerse

If you feel you did not get a reward that you should have please contact us on the Mithrilverse discord.

Mithril Army reserves the right to withhold any rewards for whatever reason.

Financial Safety

Although value may be attributed in the future, Kills, items, NFT's and other rewards have no inherent value.

Do not make any financial trades or decisions based off this application

This application is intended to display the market movements in an interesting way, any impact this has on the market itself in purely coincidental and not an intended effect of this application.

Mithril is a crypto token on the 'Binance Smart Chain', its value is not set or in any way controlled by Mithril Army.

Mithril Army is not responsible for loss of value or loss of funds in your wallet.

Investing in crypto currency will always have risk, do not invest more than you are willing to lose.

This is not financial advice